Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Bazaar By José Andrés

Traditional, Modern; Single and Sharable 

I heard about The Bazaar by José Andrés at Hotel SLS for a while, a trendy and upscale Spanish tapas restaurant. I checked their website but I got a bit confused; Rojo y Blanca, Saam, Patisserie and so on, more than one restaurant? Fine, I used Open Table to make a reservation for two and they called me for confirmation, still nobody mentioned which restaurant. I knew it’s expensive and I’d pick up the bill for my bff VL’s birthday.

We were escorted to a dining room (now I know it’s Rojo). Hosts and hostesses had a nice and trendy appearance; they’re very friendly too. There’s an open kitchen at one end of the room, and a butcher table at the other end. It didn’t have a luxury décor; wooden tables were not covered with tablecloth and matched with some comfy country-look chairs. It had a relaxing, causal, trendy and European-like ambiance.

Our waiter who looked like an aspiring actor explained the menu to us; from traditional to modern, single serving and sharable tapas. He advised us to have a few rounds, started from light and refreshing, to meat and fulfilling.



Drink Cart

We took his advice and ordered three cold tapas as starters. Jacama Wrapped Guacamole came with thin-sliced jacama filled with guacamole in a cup shape. Crispy jacama mixed with light guacamole was refreshing. Not Your Everyday Caprese had peeled cherry tomatoes, liquid mozzarella balls, pesto, mint leaves and balsamic vinegar. I finally understood why there’re two spoons after I poked one liquid mozzarella balls. I then put one cherry tomato, one liquid mozzarella ball and some juice on the spoon; and ate it at one shot. Mozzarella melted and mixed with tomato and sauce, all I could say was wonderful. I guessed we shouldn’t have ordered Tuna Avocado after we had guacamole. Avocado was too strong and other ingredients were being ignored.
Jacama Wrapped Guacamole

Not Your Everyday Caprese

Tuna Avocado

Cheers! HBD to VL!!

We moved to our second round. Jamón Serrano Fermin was nicely served on a stone plate. Jamón was tasty but not salty, and it went so well with the toasted bread covered with fine-diced tomato. I didn’t like American Caviar Cone, lack of flavor and kind of fishy. Be honest, I never cared for caviar anyway; but VL said she liked it. Cotton Candy Foie Gras caught us with a surprise; a small bite of foie gras was covered with cotton candy on a stick, very cute. Foie gras was very delicious with some sweet taste.

Butcher Table

Jamon Serrano Fermin

American Caviar Cone

Cotton Candy Foie Gras

We felt we still needed to have something fulfilling. Rossejat Paella-style Pasta with Shrimp didn’t make to my expectation. When it said paella, I expected something moist and soft. Pasta was dry and cut to small threads; it reminded me of shrimp fried rice noodles. Last but not least, three little Foie Gras Sandwiches were really incredibly delicious. Warm honey-glazed small buns and creamy foie gras were perfectly made for each other. It only took two bites to finish one. Yummy!

Rossejat Paella-style Pasta with Shrimp

Foie Gras Sandwishes

Ok, it’s time for dessert. I now saw the layout of the whole restaurant while being escorted to Patisserie; Blanca was next to Rojo, then Bar Centro and Patisserie. The Patisserie was completely different then the Rojo room, it had a soft and pinkish tone, also an appearance of an English tea room. We were seated at a nice antique looking couch. We visited the open kitchen and found many kinds of charming sweet goodies. We settled with decaf coffee and a dessert, Nitro Coconut Floating Island. It had banana, passion fruit cream and top with a scoop of coconut foam which was frozen by liquid nitrogen. Coconut foam was light and foamy; passion fruit cream was not too sweet. I’d think banana was not the best fruit to pair with because banana’s strong taste was overpowering at times.

The Patisserie

The Patisserie

Cheers! HBD to VL again!

It was an extraordinary dining experience, as the setup and ambiance played a major role. Food had high score partly for its creativity. We had a good time!!

0-5 Star Rating:
Food: ****
Service: *****
Ambiance: *****
Location: ****
Parking: *** (valet parking for $12)
Bang for the Bucks: ****

Average Price/Person: $100 - $120
Reservation: Required
Types: Tapas, Fusion, Dessert

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