Saturday, August 20, 2011

Singapore's Banana Leaf

Laksa? Did I order the wrong food?

Singapore's Banana Leaf at Farmers Market (Fairfax at 3rd Street) was on my wishlist for a couple years. Finally I went there today after my visit to Los Angeles County Museum of Arts to see Zodiac Heads by Ai Weiwei. 

Parking at Farmers Market is always a problem. So I did some shopping at Whole Foods Market and left my car there, then walked a short distance to Farmers Market.

I never had a complete bowl of Laksa by myself, so I decided to have one tonight. They had two kinds of Laksa, regular or chicken. Cashier told me Regular Laksa ($9.45) had fishballs only, and Chicken Laksa ($9.95) of course had chicken only. I always thought Laksa would contain different ingredients.

Other than a few fishballs, I also found a few pieces of tofu, some raw bean sprouts, one leaf of spinach, and round rice noodles from my bowl of Regular Laksa. All the above ingredients didn't have any flavor and they needed a good tasty soup base to go with; however the curry soup was unbelievable bland. Why bland? Curry does not have flavors unless combined with other spices. Fishballs had a good texture but rice noodles were stiff. Needless to say, this Laksa didn't stimulate my taste-buds.

I always think having a bad meal is pityful, do you agree?

Mid-City West
6333 W 3rd St (Farmers Market)
Los Angeles, CA 90036

0-5 Star Rating:
Food: zero star
Service: n/a (self-served)
Ambience: **
Location: ***
Parking: ** (adjacent parking lot, spaces are hard to find)
Bang for the Bucks: *

Average Price/Person: $12 - $15
Reservation: No
Types: Asian, Food-court

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